News: Stamp Out Bullying


    As part of Anti-Bullying Week, school children across Britain are coming together to take a stand against bullying with the return of First News’ Stamp Out Bullying campaign.

    On Friday 20 November, almost 50,000 pupils will stand up and stamp their feet for 20 seconds at 11am on 20 November 2015. The stamp is a bid to make a noise about bullying, a symbolic gesture by the nation’s young people that more needs to be done to stamp out bullying for good.

    The Diana Award charity revealed that 36% of young people were worried about returning to school in September for fear of being bullied. Additionally, 45% of young people reported being bullied every day at school.

    The Stamp Out Bullying campaign will highlight the fact that bullying goes far beyond the playground and affects the everyday lives of victims, both face-to-face and online. By uniting to make a noise, First News wants to make sure the issue moves further up the Government’s agenda.

    First News editor Nicky Cox, who spearheads the campaign, says: “By kicking off the new year with this campaign, we aim to show those that run the country that we mean business. Together we can shake the nation!”

    Teachers and head teachers can register and sign up their classes and schools for this year’s Stamp Out Bullying event here: