Product Review: NickWatch Is The Go To Smart Watch for Savvy 6-10 Year Olds

    Dial up the Fun: NickWatch is the go to smart watch for savvy 6-10 year olds, Wersha Bharadwa reviews… 

    Created by Watchinu in association with Paramount UK and Nickelodeon, the brand new NickWatch smart watch offers a plethora of fun and accessible features including hours of entertainment from a host of iconic and award-winning TV characters to help kids to get connected and stay active at the same time.

    Featuring SpongeBob to Loud House and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other much loved Nickelodeon channel favourites, the waterproof watch aims to help children with their technology skills while also creating an immersive experience that aids developing their imagination while boosting creativity and connectivity.

    reated by Watchinu in association with Paramount UK and Nickelodeon,

    Measuring 14 mm x 41 mm and weighing 45 grams, it’s lightweight and comes with two fully adjusted and easily changeable velcro straps (a grey simple strap and a snazzier orange strap printed with characters) designed to fit comfortably on little wrists so children can keep active all day too.

    Fully customisable and giving centre stage to a variety of super fun and exciting dances, games, music, crafts and safe ways to communicate, the colourful timepiece is paired and controlled by parents or caregivers smart phones (iPhone and Android) and settings including privacy, time limits and other restrictions can be fully managed from your own phone including contacts.


    The NickWatch app is fully downloadable on all app stores, and when subscribed to gives parents and caregivers reassurance with two-way messaging and calls while enabling full management of the user account on the watch. This includes muting the device during school hours and choosing who can connect and communicate with your children via messaging and voice notes. NickWatch also lets parents monitor usage and, importantly, additional safety features allow you to keep track of child’s location via GPS if ever needed.

    The two-way messaging system allows conversations only with parental verified contacts, making it quick and simple for you check in and external social media platforms are not accessible from the watch.  Pressing and holding a physical SOS button on the device sends an emergency message to Family Ring members via The NickWatch App too.


    Equipped with a USB-C Cable for speedy charging, the smart watch includes eight key functions including a ‘create’ feature which enriches creativity via mini-applications including sound effects, musical instruments, funny voices, dance and story words which prompts children to make up a story with randomly generated words.

    As a fully functioning fitness aid,  it also tracks daily steps and shows progress overtime so when your child achieves a new goal, they’re rewarded via a cool design being unlocked for their display.

    The ‘play’ function offers a variety of motion-based games and activities including the ability to personalise watches with wallpapers, ringtones and message sounds. A front facing 2MP camera has ‘funny face’ filters for children to enjoy and edit photos with and which save directly to a parent’s cloud for easy monitoring.


    Of the games included on the fun and educational wearable accessory, many encourage roleplay and enhance physical and social play, allowing children to interpret tasks presented and help spark intuitive play. Using interactive technology, children can virtually race through underground tunnels with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, balance silly objects on SpongeBob’s head or learn Morse code with Lincoln Loud.

    Other games include ‘Karate’ and Ninja School which aids fitness and cognitive skills. The Patrick Says game is just like Simon says with SpongeBob’s sidekick,  Patrick, interactively asking children to complete hilarious and unexpected tasks.

    The NickWatch retails at RRP: £159.95 with a current new introductory offer price of £79.95 to celebrate the global launch. Free standard shipping applies to all orders over £49 with postage options and prices shown at checkout.

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