Pastel stripes that are perfect for your child’s summer wardrobe

    Wave in the warmer months with pastel stripes, light fabrics and soft and subtle hues

    Striped jumpsuit, Marks and Spencer. T-shirt, Noe & Zoe. Bag, Bobo Choses at Alex and Alexa

    Canvas parka, Carrément Beau. Dress, Next. Scarf, stylists own. House bag, Accessorize

    Striped visor, Noe & Zoe. Floral dress, Carrément Beau. Socks and trainers, Marks & Spencer. Silver backpack, Zara.


    Striped dress, Velveteen. Floral headband, John Lewis. Sweatshirt, Scotch R’Belle


    Floral blouse, Chloé. Sunglasses, H&M. Bumbag, Rockhula Kids


    Striped blouse, Scotch R’Belle. Jeans, Chloé. Bag, Bonton at Smallable. Bracelets, Rootie and Tootie. Neon sunglasses, J Crew. Sandals, Marks and Spencer.

    Dress, with heart pockets, Blune at Alex and Alexa. Leaf tracksuit bottoms, H&M. Rainbow bag, J Crew. Sliders, Mini KG
    Cardigan, Carrément Beau. Tasselled dress, Next. Rainbow bag, Accessorize. Sliders, Mini KG


    Photographer: Ross Bolger,

    Stylist: Sharon Agricole,

    H&M: Rachel Thomas, S Management

    Model: Ella Webster, Kids London