Peter Pan Talks!


    The beloved Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens is brought to life…




    The story of the boy who never grew up is undeniably a firm favourite for many Little Londoners and a truly magical way of stirring those little imaginations.  So why not continue the magic by heading with your little ones to Kensington garden’s 100-year-old Peter Pan statue who has been brought to life!  From August 19th, passers-by can swipe their smartphones on a nearby tag and receive a personal ‘call’ from Peter Pan.  On the other end of the line, Peter Pan’s dramatic three-minute monologue will transport the listener from grey London to the enchanted world of Never Never Land.




    Talking Statuesis a new initiative which sees 35 statues across London and Manchester brought to life. Ella Hickson, the playwright you recently brought Peter Pan to life with the Royal Shakespeare Company, is the brains behind Peter’s monologue. “Giving voice to London’s statues is a wonderful idea.  I think of them like a gaggle of old friends playing hide and seek across the city” she says, “Finally they get the chance to talk back”.   

    Go on line to see which of our other stone friends are free to chat: