Playbrush: making dental care fun for kids


    Victoria, journalist and mother of two, tries out Playbrush with her kids, and is met with astounding success

    I always thought that when I became a mother, my children would call me “Mummy”. But, I very quickly became to realise that I will be forever known as “Noooo Mummyyyy”.

    Common examples include “Noooo Mummyyyy I won’t to go to bed” and “Noooo Mummyyyy I don’t want to brush my teeth”. The latter is by far our most common tantrum, when brushing my children’s teeth both in the morning and the evening. They would much rather do something more fun than standing in front of the mirror.

    We were getting nowhere with normal brushing, so much so that I became increasingly worried about how little time my children were spending brushing their teeth (sometimes only 45 seconds a day!), and was scared before every dentist appointment.

    Nothing I had tried would make my children want to brush their teeth, so I took a chance on something completely new. I took a chance on Playbrush.

    Playbrush makes brushing fun, by connecting to the handle of any manual toothbrush and transforming the toothbrush into a game controller. I was dubious about the concept as well, but I decided to give it a go, connecting the Playbrush (and therefore the manual toothbrush!) to game apps on my smartphone.

    It was an instant hit with my kids, as they got to decide whether they wanted to colour in paintings or compete in dance battles, all while they brushed their teeth!

    We have now been using our Playbrush throughout the week, before school and before bed. It has turned tantrums over toothbrushing into a race to the bathroom to brush first!

    All I hear now is “Noooo Mummyyyy, I want to brush again”. I’m starting to love my new name!

    Playbrush, the smart toothbrush game controller, is available for £19.99 from Order today with the discount code “LittleLondon” and get 20% off your total order! 

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