Recipes: Party Food

    Untitled-1We’ve been gearing up for the party season with some foodie fun for the big day from the Founder of Top Hat Catering, Hattie Mauleverer-Jones

    Shapes and colours
    Children always need to be amused, so children’s party food should provide entertainment too – create dishes that are full of colour and different shapes.

    Fruity Jelly
    Prepare your various jellies as to the product instructions and keep to the side. Take your oranges and cut in half. Run your knife round the outside of the orange flesh, trying not to take off too much pith. Use a spoon or grapefruit knife to get to the bottom of the orange and scoop out the flesh gently.

    Untitled-5Now that you have a cup-like shape you need to make it stand on its own. Slice the base of the orange without making a hole (otherwise the jelly will seep out). Fill the oranges with your liquid jelly and leave to set in a fridge (6-12 hours). Leave some in half and cut some into quarters before you serve.

    Fruit kebab
    Depending on your child’s favourite fruit, there are lovely combinations you can make.
    Try kiwi, apple and blueberry. Slice the kiwi and apple into thick wedges placing them flat on the surface, cut with shape cutter in the centre. Slide onto a skewer, with a blueberry in between to make it more colourful.

    For Caterpillar Sandwiches 

    Cut circles out of bread with a pastry cutter, spread with cream cheese or butter and add a filling of your choice. Stack the sandwich and place them into a long caterpillar shape. Creative and crawlie!

    Apple Sandwiches
    Take your child’s favorite variety of apple. Slice fairly thin pieces from the whole apple. Take a star cutter and cut out the middle (core) of one of the slices. Spread the nut butter onto the piece that doesn’t have the cut out and sandwich the star cut out slice on top.

    Theme the Party
    We love a themed party, it is great fun for the children and you’ll most likely find you’ll really enjoy all the planning, decorating and creating the themed food. We find The Very Hungry Caterpillar works wonders! The storybook is beautiful, colourful and easy to incorporate into a birthday party.

    Don’t forget the drinksUntitled-3
    On a hot afternoon it is so important to make sure little ones stay hydrated, especially when they are bound to be rushing around.

    Perfect Punch
    Brew 4 bags of chamomile and 4 bags of a berry tea in a saucepan. Set to one side and cool for an hour or so. Once cool remove all tea bags. Add a dash sugar syrup and a couple of squeezes of lemon juice (to taste). Stir well and add in the selection of fruit (apple, cucumber, strawberries, oranges and mint) with cubed ice. Don’t forget the straws!

    Bug Balloons
    Blow up green balloons to create the caterpillar’s body, then one red for the head. Cut out black legs, eyes and antennas from black paper. Get the kids involved by letting them draw on the balloon. Then stick them together to create a long caterpillar.

    Paper Party Hats
    Roll a piece of paper into a cone. For affect cut out a bite on the tip. Glue on different shades of green circles for the caterpillar’s body then red for his head, green and yellow for eyes and nose and black for antennas! Pre-cut all these shapes and then get the children to have a go to keep them busy.

    Untitled-1Planning an outdoor party? 
    Carole Middleton shares her advice on hosting a magical summer party here



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