Recipes: Refreshing, Super Healthy Summer Treats

    Say cheerio to sugary drinks, milkshakes and ice lollies, this summer it’s all about real iced teas, “teashakes” and “teapops”

    If your little ones are gasping for a quick and tasty refresher before they get back to their busy activities in the sun this summer, then you should definitely rustle up some of these real iced teas, shakes and pops. Tea makes a super healthy and flavoursome alternative to sugary treats, and its wonderfully refreshing. We like to use teapigs tea temples as they contain only the very best whole leaf teas, real herbs and whole pieces of fruit – so they’re essentially little bags of intense, all-natural flavour. Yum!


    Ingredients | Serves 1
    ● 2 or 3 teapigs tea temples (depending on how strong you like your flavour!)
    ● 100ml water
    ● 2-3 scoops good quality vanilla ice cream
    ● A little semi-skimmed milk

    Pop your tea temples in to a cup, add 100ml of freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 10-15 minutes (depending on how punchy you like them).
    Once brewed, remove the tea temples and pour the liquid in to a blender. Add 2-3 scoops of good quality vanilla ice-cream and blend. Add a little semi-skimmed milk if the mixture is too thick.

    For the kids, teapigs chocolate and mint, teapigs rooibos creme caramel and teapigs super fruit tea are perfect – indulgent and caffeine free!



    Ingredients | 2 Icelollies
    ● 4 teapigs tea temples (depending on how strong you like your flavour!)
    ● 100ml boiling water to brew
    ● 350ml of cool water or your milk of choice (for milky teapops!)
    ● 60g/6tsp runny honey or agave to sweeten (more/less to taste)
    ● Some extras to make it even fancier like fresh fruit, cinnamon, vanilla or coconut milk

    Brew your tea temples for at least 4 minutes – the longer you leave them, the more flavour you will get – and sweeten with honey or agave syrup to taste – approx 10g/1.5 tsp per pop! Remove the tea temples and leave to fully cool.
    Once cool top up with 350ml of water or your chosen milk. Pour your cooled tea into your ice lolly moulds and add in your fancy extras! Pop in the freezer overnight to set.
    Top Teapops Tips…
    ● Some of the flavour drops to the bottom of the moulds while freezing so you get a burst of flavour at the top of your pop! For a more even flavour, give the lollies a stir or two mid-freezing!
    ● Some teas taste GREAT with milk, and our teapops are no different. Black or chai teas, rooibos teas and matcha are best with milk. Simply brew the tea temples in enough water to cover them, then top up with your milk of choice – coconut or almond milk are our faves, but use whatever you fancy!
    ●Matcha fans – why not work a matcha pop into your everyday routine this summer? There’s no need to brew it – just whisk the matcha straight into your milk and pop it in the freezer


    Ingredients | Serves 1 (single glass) or 4 (1 litre jug)
    ● 1-4 teapigs tea temples
    ● 250ml / 1lt water
    ● Fruit to garnish
    ● Agave syrup (optional)

    You can make your iced tea in a glass or jug for sharing:
    1. Take 1 tea temple per glass or 4 tea temples for a 1 litre jug. Add freshly boiled water so that it just covers the tea temples (about an inch high). Brew for 5 minutes. Top with cold water and ice. Add some fresh fruit for extra flavour.

    For the kids, teapigs super fruit tea tastes great (think all natural cordial!) or any of the other caffeine free teas. Add some red berries for extra prettiness. For the adults, lemons and limes go well with traditional teas and a splash of vodka or gin goes down well too!

    teapigs have LOADS of yummy caffeine free teas to choose from – teapops and teashakes are perfect for making with the little’uns this summer – and the brilliant thing is you know exactly what you’re putting into them! Discover the teapigs range online at and get 15% off teapigs teas in August and September with code: LITTETEAPIGS15

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