Review: Yippee Yo Crossbuggy


    Kate Freud puts the Yippie Yo Crossbuggy through its paces with the help of Jago and Georgia

    The lowdown

    In the 1960s, a German father called Heinz Hofelmann wanted to take his two young children into the countryside but couldn’t find an adequate way of transporting them. He developed a new vehicle which was part hand-drawn cart, part pushchair. In 2014, Yippee Yo remodelled it to create the Crossbuggy, which launched last year.

    Good looking?

    It certainly causes a stir! When we walk down Battersea’s Northcote Road I have never seen so many people turn to look, so if it’s the wow factor you’re after, you’ll find it here in spades. Our Crossbuggy came in a striking red and white colourway, but there is a good selection of other colours to mix and match.

    Practicality & drivability

    Though I was initially concerned that pulling rather than pushing the buggy would be a problem, it was surprisingly easy to master. The design has two sturdy wheels attached to a lightweight aluminium frame and a long metal arm complete with handbreak, which makes it feel very safe. It’s so lightweight that even walking up and down the hilly streets of Nappy Valley doesn’t prove a problem. And it’s quite easy to manoeuvre, though there have been a few tight squeezes coming in and out of shops. It’s on Clapham Common that it really comes into its own. We’re up and down hills, into the woodlands and out the other side with minimal effort. It has a shelf at the back, where you can store scooters, and it comes with a bag you can attach to the buggy. When it comes to fitting it into the boot of a car though, it’s a squeeze, as the pull bar doesn’t retract.

    Taking the kids out for a spin on Northcote Road


    Despite the fact that at five, Jago is way beyond buggy age, he and Georgia, two, both fit comfortably in the Crossbuggy. There isn’t a huge amount of leg room but they seem to enjoy spending time in it so much the biggest problem we have is getting them out to walk!

    The verdict

    This is a fantastic buggy for those with a love of adventure. It’s exciting to use, and the kids love it. That said, it doesn’t have a rain cover – essential in London – and it’s big to store in the house because it doesn’t collapse completely. I like to think of this as our bonus buggy – fun for the weekends, but I wouldn’t swap it for my Bugaboo just yet.