Rockin’ (And Givin’) All Over The World

    IMG_7823 UgandaGroupPhoto+Kathryn

    Kidswear company Rockin’ Baby have teamed up with charity ChildFund International to donate 2,000 items of clothing to impoverished children across Kampala, Uganda.

    For every item of clothing bought, the company will donate another to the charity scheme. The same quality of clothing is maintained, to provide children with garments that will withstand the wear and tear of their everyday lives; it’s like for like. There is a great need for unworn clothing in the Uganda; approximately 85% – 90% of people wear used clothing, and a school uniform is often the only outfit a child will own.

    The first clothes drop in Uganda is only the start of a journey which aims to help thousands of families facing enormous challenges in their daily lives. The company hope to donate 250,000 new items of clothing across 30 different countries, with the next drop due later this month in Ebola-stricken West Africa.

    Rockin’ Baby’s founder, Kathryn Wiley, wanted to understand first hand the results of their hard work and the need for the essential clothing. “It was wonderful to see how the new clothing uplifted their spirits. We hurried as fast as we could to greet waiting teachers, mothers and children who could not wait to receive something new. The children finally felt good about themselves, no longer embarrassed about the clothing they were wearing. It was an extremely humbling experience.”

    Founded in 2003, Rockin’ Baby is now available globally and has since grown from a collection of baby slings to include a children’s clothing collection, with sizes ranging from newborns to 10-year olds. The new range for SS16 launches February 1st. Retail therapy that not only looks good, but does good.