12 Mum Bloggers You Need to Know

    Who are the faces behind the UK’s best parenting blogs? We meet the mum bloggers taking the online world by storm…

    Whether it’s tips and advice on breastfeeding, potty-training or weaning, fashion advice during pregnancy, or just funny stories from being a first-time parent, the UK’s mum bloggers are inspiring, entertaining, and supporting parents all over the country. Here, we take a look at some of the best…

    Mum bloggers on YouTube

    Louise Pentland

    Louise Pentland

    Mother-of-two Louise entered the ‘mum bloggers universe’ almost 10 years ago, and has since accumulated over two million followers on YouTube and Instagram. She’s also written three novels, and her most recent book, Wilde Women, was published in July 2019.

    “I love interacting with people. I think of it as a community, and a community doesn’t work if you just say a bunch of things and leave,” she says. “If people have taken some time out of their day to respond to me, the least I can do is read their comments.”

    “It’s been really amazing to watch this parent-blogging universe grow the way it has,” Louise adds. “It’s extraordinary that it’s gone from being this underground hobby that a few people had, to this huge world that’s now enabling mum bloggers to enter into the mainstream media. I’m excited to see what happens over the next decade.”

    Check out Louise’s YouTube channel here.

    Georgia Jones

    Georgia Jones baby
    Instagram @thegeorgiaedit

    Model and mum to Cooper, Georgia Jones is probably best known as the former Miss England and wife to McFly member, Danny Jones. Alongside her hugely popular Instagram account – Georgia currently has over 170,000 followers – she also hosts a YouTube series, Bump! on her channel, The Georgia Edit.

    The “brutally honest series about having and raising children” sees Georgia speak to health professionals, children’s authors, sleep therapists and breastfeeding experts, plus celebrity parents including Giovanna Fletcher, Zoe Hardman and Izzy Judd.

    “In the past I’ve been well known to work really hard and grind myself into the ground,” she says about her work-life balance. “When you’ve got a baby to think about, you can’t really do that.”

    “I actually went back to work two weeks after having Cooper with a photoshoot; it’s lovely that with my job that I can pick and choose what I want to do, but I didn’t ease myself in gently which was probably a bit of a mistake.”

    Check out Georgia Jones’ YouTube channel here.

    Anna Saccone-Joly

    Instagram @annasaccone

    Mum-of-four Anna Saccone-Joly entered the world of YouTube over 10 years ago with her husband Jonathan Joly and their – now six – Maltese dogs. With an Instagram following of 1.3 million, and the SacconeJoly YouTube channel (where she presents almost every video – alongside another second channel), having amassed a following of 1.75 million, Irish-born Anna is best known for her realistic videos of her busy life with four kids, as well as detailing her struggles with an eating disorder and mental health.

    In an interview with Closer Anna said of her children and their YouTube fame, “Our assumption has always been that we’d pull back as the children get older, and we certainly go through seasons with how we film.

    “Sometimes it’s more adult focused, other times the children feature more heavily. However we’ve found that as the children have got older they are the ones who want to film more.”

    Check out the Saccone-Joly’s YouTube channel here.

    Giovanna Fletcher

    Instagram @mrsgifletcher

    Perhaps once best known for being Tom Fletcher from McFly’s wife, author, actress, blogger, vlogger, presenter and podcast host Giovanna Fletcher is now in a league all her own.

    Giovanna’s YouTube channel boasts an impressive 183k followers where she posts updates on her three sons, as well as videos linked to her phenomenally popular podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby, where she has interviewed all manner of celebrities on motherhood – including the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

    As well as having over 2 million Instagram followers, Giovanna is also the author of several books, including bestselling Sunday Times title Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My adventures into motherhood, and frequently presents CBeebies series The Baby Club.

    Check out Giovanna’s channel here.

    Mum bloggers on Instagram

    Anna Whitehouse, a.k.a Mother Pukka

    Anna Whitehouse
    Instagram @mother_pukka

    As mum to Mae and Eve, Anna Whitehouse juggles her hugely popular blog, Mother Pukka, a weekly Heart Radio show, as well as regular columns for both Marie Clare and Grazia.

    “I started blogging in early 2015 after having a bit of a parental meltdown. I wasn’t seeing my kid because I was working full time and was pretty much on the edge. Mother Pukka started as somewhere to laugh a bit; to offer light relief from the parental storm. It’s for someone feeding at 3am, wondering what’s happened to their mind/body/soul.”

    “I blog everywhere and anywhere (playground, tinned goods aisle of Tesco). I feel a strong sense of, ‘it doesn’t matter how you parent as long as you feel supported’ – I now feel supported and that’s been the best bit.”

    Anna is also the founder of Flex Appeal, a campaign that’s encouraging people to talk to their employers about flexible working.

    Read Mother Pukka’s blog here.

    Candice Brathwaite

    Mum bloggers

    Brixton-born mother-of-two Candice set up her blog to “show that young black families weren’t just surviving, but thriving.” She’s since accumulated thousands of fans, over 43,000 followers on Instagram, and has even published her first book,  I am Not Your Baby Mother.

    Candice is also the founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, a digital campaign that aims to represent and champion mothers of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

    “As a black mother, of course I noticed how I very rarely saw myself represented in this atmosphere,” she told the Metro when the campaign first launched.

    “All of us behind MMD want all mothers to have a space where they feel included and their opinions are valid. Make Motherhood Diverse [is] a space where all can come and celebrate their differences.”

    Read Candice Brathwaite’s blog here.

    Eimear Varian Barry, a.k.a. The EVB Edit

    Mum bloggers

    Having entered the mum bloggers universe back in 2014, Eimear Varian Barry first started posting on Instagram during her first pregnancy. “I did photography when I studied film-making and always had a camera glued to me. Combine that with my styling experience and I guess you have a ‘blogger’,’ she says.

    Five years on, she’s now a mother to three children and has accumulated over 90,000 followers on Instagram, working with such brands as Tui, Giorgio Armani, M&S, Nivea, Next, Gap and Mothercare.

    “I work every single night without fail. When you work for yourself and when you love what you do, you literally live and breathe it. The best thing is that I finally get to call it a job.”

    “People don’t realise that you have to start from nothing and, like any business, be patient. I created content and collaborated with brands for three years before I saw any money come into my account. ”

    Read Eimear Varian Barry’s blog here.

    Sarah Turner, a.k.a. The Unmumsy Mum

    Instagram @theunmumsymum

    Author, blogger, freelance writer and mum-of-three Sarah started her blog in 2013 after becoming disillusioned with the other parenting literature she found online and “craving reassurance.”

    Fast forward nine years and Sarah has nearly 500k followers on Instagram as ‘The Unmumsy Mum’, as well as two Sunday Times bestselling books, The Unmumsy Mum and The Unmumsy Mum A-Z, dealing with everything from birth and teething to 3am night feeds and toddler tantrums.

    “I never expected that so many people would read and comment on my posts and I certainly never expected that I would end up with two Sunday Times bestselling books under my belt, but life’s funny like that,” Sarah says.

    “I am SO glad I took the plunge and started blogging about motherhood at a time when quite honestly, I was starting to wonder whether I was cut out for the job of mum at all.”

    Read Sarah Turner’s blog here.

    Leonora Bamford, a.k.a. My Baba

    Leonora Bamford
    Photography: Helene Sandberg

    Founder of parenting go-to, My Baba, Leonora started her blog as a hobby, when she was pregnant with her first child back in 2012.

    “Not many of my friends had babies, so it was a way of recording the cool things I came across. It’s more of a parenting / lifestyle website now, and we have lots of bloggers and experts contributing on all sorts of subjects,” she says.

    “It’s a great outlet and I meet so many interesting people and brands on a daily basis. I also think social media is a great way to reach out to different people.

    “My family are all proud of what it’s become but my children do take the mickey out of my vlogging, ‘Hi, I’m Leo Bamford from My Babaaaaaaaa!’.”

    Read Leonora Bamford’s blog here.

    Mum bloggers to make you laugh

    Katie Kirkby, a.k.a. Hurrah for Gin

    Mum bloggers
    Instagram @hurrahforgin

    Hurrah For Gin founder Katie was inspired to start her own blog back in 2013, when she was struggling to find work to fit around her two children.

    “It was something to do to keep my brain engaged,” Katie tells us. “At the time I struggled to find other mum bloggers who talked about my own experience of having young children – namely that it could be bloody hard work!”

    “So, I created Hurrah for Gin. It’s sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek, always honest and often fuelled by gin, but it really is a full-time job. The best things about blogging are the wonderful friends I’ve made, that I got a book deal out of it – which was my dream – and I get sent free gin!”

    Katie now dedicates more time to her Instagram account, on which she has over 150,000 followers, and her latest book Reluctant Adult – aimed at “perpetually overwhelmed” adults – is on sale 3 October.

    Follow Katie Kirkby on Instagram here.

    Rosie Ramsey

    Mum bloggers
    Instagram @rosemarinoramsey

    Podcaster, radio presenter, and wife to comedian Chris Ramsey, Rosie started using Instagram after the birth of her son Robin.

    She’s since accumulated over 230,000 followers, using her Instagram profile to document the hilarious ups-and-downs of motherhood and family life. She and Chris also have a podcast, Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed, in which they chat about life, relationships, arguments, parenting and growing up.

    Follow Rosie Ramsey on Instagram here.

    Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, a.k.a. Scummy Mummies

    Instagram @scummymummies

    Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, AKA the Scummy Mummies, hit the big time with the launch of their comedy podcast for parents in July 2013.

    With two children each, the pair discuss hilarious parenting ‘fails’ and confessions, and have now amassed 163,000 followers on Instagram. Alongside still hosting one of the UK’s favourite parenting podcasts – it’s been downloaded over 5 million times in 150 countries – the pair regularly host sell-out comedy nights and released a bestselling book in 2017 – Scummy Mummies: A Celebration of Parenting Failures, Hilarious Confessions, Fish Fingers and Wine.

    Listen to the Scummy Mummies’ podcast here.


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