Shopping: sports party with Carole Middleton

    Mark a summer of sport in style with a champion celebration for the familyCarloe-Sports-Party

    1. Party flag bunting, £2.99, 2. Balloons (pack of eight), £1.49, 3. Paper cups (pack of eight), £1.49, 4. Party sports day set, £19.99, 5. Chocolate medallion, £1.79, 6. Paper plates (pack of eight), £1.99, 7. Plastic cones (pack of four), £4.99, 8. Miniature trophies (pack of six), £3.99, 9. Cotton jersey sweater, £61, 10. Printed cap, £6, 11. Mini backpack, £24.99, 12. Canvas trainers, €49,


    Top Tips

    • As a treat, hand out edible prizes such as chocolate medals and sports day themed cupcakes.

    • With all the running around, your little athletes will need to keep hydrated. Fill a large drinks dispenser with water so they can help themselves whenever they’re feeling thirsty – paper cups will help avoid any breakages, too!

    • Ask your guests to arrive dressed in sports-themed fancy dress. Keep it general, or ask them to dress as famous athletes for the day.

    • Go for a metallic colour scheme of sparkling silver, gold and bronze to represent the Olympic medals.

    • When it comes to playing games, make sure you cater for a range of ages so the younger ones don’t get frustrated or feel left out.

    • Spending time outside is all part of the fun – but make sure you cover up to protect your little sports from the sun.