Too Much, Too Soon? Are Our Children Starting School Too Early?

    Little Darlings Magazine

    Leading experts warn that we are forcing our children to start school too early – while others say it does no harm to expect more from our kids. Sally J. Hall investigates.

    In the UK, we send our children to school at the age of four. However, many countries delay the start of formal education to six. A pressure group is asking the Government to consider changing our system to stop our children starting school too early so that early years of play are not lost.

    This feature looks at recommendations from educational experts and the Government on school starting age and discusses what other European countries recommend.

    It shows you what choices are available to you for your child’s early years education including State and independent schools, Faith and Free schools and Special Educational Needs. It also includes a focus on Steiner education.

    Read our editor’s insight into what age we should let our children start school in the launch issue here.