Super Mum

    In our Sept/Oct issue, Lisa Carter meets inspirational mum-of-eight Noreen Goodwin. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store…



    Noreen thinks her decision to have lots of children stems from her happy childhood surrounded by her four brothers, where her mother was the pillar of the family.


    Eight children, one glam mama and one pristine house. Sounds impossible? Meet Noreen Goodwin: the woman who makes it all work.

    When Lisa Carter was invited into Noreen Goodwin’s home  she was amazed at what she found. How can one woman keep a household so sleek and organised-with eight little (and not-so-little) ones? Goodwin jokes that it’s due to her OCD tendencies-and her meticulously organised fridge might support this- but her commitment to her family is overwhelmingly clear. As is her commitment to looking oh-so-stylish whilst doing so. Her wardrobe, it turns out, is as enviable as her house.


    “Women are the ones who nurture their children and keep family units together, for the most part. It would make so much sense for more women to be making the really big decisions”



    We were blown away by her adorable family, her philanthropic endeavours and her strong views on women and family. From her impossibly trim figure and super-healthy outlook to her astonishing organisation- this is one inspirational mother. For the full interview with Noreen Goodwin, and a more in-depth look at her family life, don’t miss the Sept/Oct issue of Little London, on sale 22 Aug.