Talking business with The Bright Company founder Alienor Falconer


    The designer behind The Bright Company talks multitasking, career highs, and juggling work and family

    What prompted you to set up The Bright Company? 

    After the birth of my son, I discovered some fantastic kids’ designers, but there was nothing in the nightwear department – only ill-fitting, gender stereotyped pyjamas. Sleep is really important to me, and I became quite fixated once I became a sleep-deprived mother! So I set about creating the perfect sleep environment for my son and myself by launching The Bright Company.

    What sparked your passion for children’s clothing? 

    I’ve always worked in fashion – I was a footwear product developer before I had kids. Children’s clothing became relevant when I became a parent, I guess, so I started to take a much more active interest then.

    Describe a typical day for you.  

    I’m usually up at 7am. I get ready, wake the kids [Corwin, six, and Effie, four], get them dressed and we have breakfast before I drop them both at school. I’m in the studio by 9.15am. I’ll either work until 3pm and pick the kids up, or 6pm on the days my mum has them after school. My work varies so much – that’s part of the beauty of running your own company, you have to wear so many hats! But I always start the day catching up on emails and planning any social media activity. Then it can be anything from managing deliveries, designing the new collection, speaking to our retailers or diary planning. I am always home to see the kids before they go to bed and then I’ll usually go to the gym before coming home to eat, and do a bit more work before bed.

    The Bright Company
    Alienor designs sleepwear for both children and adults

    What’s the best thing about your job?

    I love being the driving force – design is what gets me excited. Getting a product just right with a good design, fit and function is such a great feeling.

    Are your children an inspiration for the brand?

    Definitely. We test everything on them so we know it really works, and we can truly see how children put them on, how the pieces fit and how the children wear them.

    How do you juggle family with work?

    I work every night and I’m often working with the kids around, but I do try not to. You have to have some kind of discipline about when it’s family time, all the while making sure you have enough hours to work.

    The Bright Company
    The brand is known for its strong colourways and graphic prints

    What’s been your proudest moment?

    Being stocked in Liberty. It was, hands down, the most exciting moment when they approached us. I worked there to pay the bills when I was a fashion student and I always dreamed of having my products sold there.

    What advice would you give to those wanting to launch their own brand? 

    Be prepared to work harder than you ever have in your life and pay yourself much less than you would in a ‘proper job’!

    What can we expect from The Bright Company in the next 12 months?

    We have more collaborations coming up, such as the one we have done with Muddy Puddles. And of course, lots more special editions – Halloween, Christmas, and a re-release of our first ever print!