The latest update to car seat laws


    Car seat laws have been updated. Make sure you’re aware of the changes so you can keep your little ones safe when on the road

    From today – March 1st – car seat laws have changed; a child will only be allowed to use a backless booster seat if they are a certain height and weight. The seats are now no longer suitable for children who weight below 3st 7lbs – approximately six years old – as its been proven they don’t provide adequate protection in the event of a crash. Previously, backless boosters could be used by children who were 2st 5lbs or above – around three years old. Until children reach the heavier weight of 3st 7lbs, and are also over 4ft 1, they must use a backed car seat.

    However, despite these new regulations, parents are not legally required to change their current car seats and retailers are not being forced to stop selling them. The law only applies to the manufacturing of new products, which must meet the revised safety standards. Nevertheless, many parents will want to upgrade their car seat anyway.

    Experts say backless boosters are unsuitable for small children as the child is not held securely in the seat. The adult seatbelt is not guided across their body in the best way, and offer little protection should there be a side-on crash. In the UK, children must use a car seat until 12 years old, or 4ft 5 inches tall, and it must be EU-approved.