The subscription box for budding scientists


    toucanBox has partnered with the Cambridge Science Centre to create a set of six science-themed creative project boxes

    The monthly craft subscription aims to incite learning through a variety of puzzles and activities, with each box taking on a different STEM-based (science, technology, engineering and maths) theme, from mini-beasts to gravity and the seasons.

    The partnership coincides with the launch of the centre’s new initiative, COSMOS, which aims to make science more accessible and provide families with new ways to learn and become excited about science at home. Both the Cambridge Science Centre and toucanBox share mutual aims: to engage children through play and to encourage their curiosity to learn.

    Families who join COSMOS will receive a code for a free toucanBox with the option to sign up and receive all six science-themed craft boxes at a cost of less than £5 per box.

    From £12 per year,