The ultimate kids den

    Outdoor Toys commissioned an artist to create an image incorporating each of the most popular features

    Bouncy castle room, dragon moat and sweet factory are among the must-have features for a den, according to kids, the UK’s leading outdoor children’s toy retailer, has revealed what features constitute the ultimate kids’ den, as identified by the people who know best – the children of the UK.

    The site ran a competition whereby it asked parents to encourage their children to draw their ‘dream’ den, complete with all of their must-have features. From the 521 entries of children aged 5-11, Outdoor Toys analysed each drawing to establish the most common features that included, in order to find out exactly what constituted the ‘ultimate’ den for kids.

    According to the results, the top 10 features of the ultimate den for kids are as follows:

    1. Sweet factory/room (20%*)
    2. Bouncy castle room (18%)
    3. Zoo/farm for their favourite animals (16%)
    4. Super soaker pistols to defend den from intruders (13%)
    5. Dragon moat (10%)
    6. Rocket launch pad (9%)
    7. Giant popcorn machine (8%)
    8. Escape tunnel (7%)
    9. Unicorn stable (7%)
    10. Edible rainbow (4%)

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