Tips for settling your child into a new school term

    new school term

    Naomi Bartholomew, head of St Catherine’s Prep School in Bramley, offers up her tips for starting a new school term

    The start of the new academic year is always an exciting one and one that brings new resolutions, targets for the coming term and a great deal of anticipation. As they begin at nursery or reception classes they will then be clocking each event and interaction to work out how it feels to be a part of their new class. This is can be a tiring time as the children settle, negotiate new relationships and understand new routines. It may also be a tiring time for you too, as parents, possibly figuring out a new route for the school run, or dropping siblings off elsewhere, understanding new routines yourself, perhaps even returning to work now that your child has settled into a certain age or stage.

    Some tips which might help:

    • Talk positively about going to school.

    • Help your child to get into the routine of managing their own clothing, encouraging independence with daily changing.

    • Encourage your child to learn good habits and feel comfortable about going to school by arriving in good time for the start of the school day.

    • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and expect tiredness in the first months.

    • Trust the staff and talk openly about any concerns, however small.

    • Let your child tell you about their day in their own time – avoid 20 questions about the school day.

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