The Top Three Tablets for Kids

    33200_PR03When it comes to choosing the best tablet for your child, there’s one requirement that’s top of the list; it MUST be durable, but with so many options on the market which are the top three tablets for kids?

    Luckily, most manufacturers bear this in mind, and you can buy protective cases to make their lives even longer, so what else do you need to look for? The next most important factors are the processor’s speed, ease of use, the flexibility of the parent’s controls and the cost of apps.

    Most kid-specific tablets have their own app store, meaning that you can only buy apps from the manufacturer. Whether educational or entertaining, individual prices can range from £1 to £20, with the best often being the most expensive. Make sure you choose a manufacturer with a good selection of apps and take into account the long-term cost of owning one of these devices.

    Three of the best

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids – £231

    3 to 9 years old
    The only tablet built by one of the three biggest players in the tablet market, this is purpose-built for young ones.
    It comes with everything the adult tablets do – a 1.2GHz Dual Core processor, built in WiFi, Android 4.10 and a front and back camera.
    This tablet also provides USB and Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that it will be easy to save films onto it and take advantage of the 32GB memory. The tablet has a specific kids’ theme with big buttons, vibrant colours and child-like illustrations making the interface highly attractive to kids.

    Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra – £66

    shown in image
    4 to 9 years old
    The most educational, well-built tablet for kids in the market, this is the latest release from LeapFrog which is known for its learning apps and fully thought-out technology for kids.
    Boasting an 8GB memory, this tablet offers excellent parental controls and a wide range of tools to please the most tech-savvy child, such as a voice and video recorder and a built-in MP3 player. It comes ready to play with 11 custom apps including Photo Fun Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, Pet Pad Party and Utility Suite.

    Nabi 2 – £149.99

    3 to 9 years old
    This rugged, kid-proof tablet is an evolution of their state of the art Nabi Junior Tablet.
    What it lacks in speed and memory, it makes up for with full educational apps for arts, science, maths and English, making this tablet a serious contender for any parent looking for a technological device which is highly educational.