UK parents dread looking after their kids’ friends


    New research reveals one in three of us dislike our child’s friends’ parents, too

    Have you had to spend time making playdates or looking after your little one’s friends this half term? Well, according to a survey conducted by, 41% of us admit we secretly dislike one or more of our children’s friends, with 34% of those children being between two and five years old. Reasons for dreading those playdates vary dramatically, but bad behaviour and bullying top the list.

    15% of parents say their child’s friend misbehaves, while 12% believe they are spoilt.

    But it’s dads who are more likely to encourage their children to make friends elsewhere, while 35% of parents will actively choose not to invite the naughty child and their parents to a playdate in an attempt to discourage any further bonding.

    So, if you go out of your way to avoid certain children or parents in the playground, just know that you’re not alone…