What are the benefits of a Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) school?


    Katharine Crouch, headteacher of Sutton High School, answers our question on the GDST

    Choosing a school for your daughter is such an important decision. The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is the largest network of independent girls’ schools
    in the country. It gives us a scope no other school can match – in how we teach, how we manage ourselves and make plans, how much we can invest in our schools and their facilities and in how we collaborate in the classroom and on the sports field.

    We have a ‘girls first’ approach to education. We put the teaching and wellbeing of our pupils before every other consideration. We have a ‘girls only’ ethos, too. Experience has shown that girls develop naturally and thrive in a single-sex environment and our combined strengths mean we can help girls perform confidently on a national level as well as within their schools. We are among the nation’s leaders in terms of the GCSE and A-Level results we achieve, in terms of the number of girls studying STEM subjects and foreign languages, in terms of sporting success and in terms of desired university destinations achieved.

    GDST schools offer outstanding support to past pupils, too, no other school or group of schools has an alumnae network anything like the size and breadth of ours. The unique qualities of our schools and of the network of which they are part enable us to equip our girls with the skills, qualifications and the confidence they need for adult life.

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