What children really want for Christmas


    Royal Mail has revealed this year’s top 10 most-wanted Christmas presents, according to what children have written to Santa

    With just over four weeks to go until the big day, the Royal Mail elves have carried out a heartwarming survey of children’s wishes this Christmas, according to what’s written in their letters to Santa.

    For the second year in a row, it seems the more traditional toys hold the top spot, with the most popular wish being Lego. Scooters have made a new entry as the second most popular, followed by bikes.

    It’s also been revealed that the letters also featured a number of questions from little ones, including, “How many mince pies do you eat around the world?”, “How old are you?” and “Do you like being Santa?”

    The top 10 most requested toys are:

    1. Lego
    2. Scooter
    3. Bike
    4. Mobile phone
    5. Paw Patrol Air Patroller
    6. Nerf Gun
    7. Pie Face Showdown
    8. Stars Wars Spin Action Lightsabre
    9. Barbie 3-Storey Townhouse
    10. Furby Connect

    Children can still send their letters to the North Pole via Royal Mail, simply make sure they are posted by 9 December 2016. Post your letters, in a stamped envelope, to:

    Santa/Father Christmas
    Santa’s Grotto
    XM4 5HQ

    And don’t forget to include your full name and address so he can reply!